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Publication: 18 juni 2019

Scanning of property is the future. We are Alphaplan. A Dutch company specialized in scanning of residential real estate, education- and childcare real estate, cure- and care real estate, government owned and corporate business buildings.
We produce 3D scans and BIM models in high quantities and provide excellent professional maintenance of real estate. Data collected in hardcopy floor plans is what used to be.

RD coordinates
We regularly get the question whether we can position the property or terrain which we scanned in the right place in the RD system (Dutch National Grid). Yes, we can! By placing the coordination plates in the correct position on the terrain or in the real estate, we determine the RD coordinates. We use one of our 3D laser scanners to scan/record the coordination plates. This enables us to accurately position the point cloud on the centimetre in the RD system.

Coördinatieplaten scanner

How long does it take to scan a single-family house of approximately 80 m2?

That depends on a number of factors:

  • What brand and type of scanner is used. We use the LEICA, blk360 and rtc360 3D laser scanners to provide our clients with quick and easy access to their data as well as ultimately high quality scans.
  • Are the scans produced in color or black/white?
  • What resolution is scanned? The higher the resolution all the more measuring points are made and the longer the scan takes.

Fred Hofman | directeur

Fred Hofman Directeur Neem contact op
0172 - 484 000

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